Call for Papers: “Islam in World Affairs: Politics and Paradigms”


The section addresses the role of Islam in world affairs. It seeks to explore the empirical experiences and ideational perspectives of the Islamic civilisation on world affairs with regards to statecraft, governance, transnational movements, Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) phenomenon, and Islamic contributions to the field of International Relations.

The section offers analyses of concrete historical experiences and Islamic theoretical approaches to the field of International Relations. Most of the researches carried out by students of IR have fallen into two extremes: they have either overlooked Islamic contributions to world affairs and the field of International Relations — and the rich tradition of the Islamic civilisation with regards to international affairs and statecraft— or tried to ‘Islamise’ the Western tradition of IR. Going beyond these extremes, the aim of the section is to build bridges between IR and Islam by looking into various variables such as theories, empirical experiences and categorical levels of generalisation in international relations.

The overall objective is to both (1) develop a body of knowledge that addresses the theories and practices of the Islamic civilisation and of Muslim societies vis-à-vis international affairs and the discipline of International Relations and (2) set a model for the inclusion of Muslim contributions to the field of IR in order to enrich, diversify and strengthen it.

Section Chairs:

Raffaele Mauriello,
University of Tehran

Deina Abdelkader,
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Nassef Manabilang Adiong
Philippine International Studies Organization

Proposals (with abstracts of 200 words maximum) must be submitted via our online submission system: ConfTool 2017

Please note that there will be a participation limit of three contributions per participant – whether as paper giver, roundtable speaker, or discussant/chair (any of these roles counts as one contribution).

The closing date for paper, panel, and roundtable proposals is midnight (CET) on Friday 10 February 2017

For any questions on the conference, please contact the programme chairs, Victoria Basham and Cemal Burak Tansel at

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