“European Muslims and their Foreign Policy Interests: Identities and Loyalties” by Imène Ajala

Congratulations to Dr Imène Ajala! The Co-IRIS team is very proud to announce the first volume of the “Islam and International Relations” series in partnership with Gerlach Press.

In a global context marked by terrorist threats, Muslim communities in the West have come under increasing scrutiny. Sensitive questions on identity arise with regard to their foreign policy interests and their loyalties.

Topics covered include:
– Relations between European Muslims and international issues
– Political opportunity structures
– Organization and institutionalization of Islam
– Diaspora and transnational dimensions
– The securitization of Islam
– Foreign policy and loyalty

This book investigates the foreign policy interests and political mobilization of Muslims in Europe, specifically in France and Great Britain, contributing to shed light on these difficult questions.



1 Muslims im Europe
– Exploring Islam in Europe
– Islam and Muslims in the West as an Object of Research
– Integration and Identity
– European Muslims and International Issues: Analyzing a Complex Relation
– Assumptions of a ‘Muslim Lobby’ on Foreign Policy
– Theoretical Framework: Domestic Politics and International Relations

2 Islam in France and Great Britain
– French and British Political Opportunity Structures
– Historical Trends and Current Characteristics
– Two Different Philosophies of Integration
– Organization and Institutionalization of Islam in France and Great Britain
– Processes of Institutionalization
– Legitimacy and Efficiency of Institutionalizing Processes

3 French Muslims and Foreign Policy
– French Muslims and Foreign Policy Issues
– Foreign Policy: a Remote Concern
– Palestine: The Exception?
– UOIF Positions on Foreign Policy Issues
– UOIF, the Palestinian Issue, the Syrian War and Victimhood
– UOIF and the Condemnation of Terrorism

4 British Muslims and Foreign Policy
– Diaspora and Transnational Dimensions of British Muslims’ Foreign Policy Interests
– Foreign Policy: A Major Concern of British Muslims
– An Overview of the MCB’s Expression and Mobilization on Foreign Policy Issues: A Variety of Diaspora and Ummatic Issues
– MCB Positions on Foreign Policy Issues
– The Palestinian Issue: A Constant Mobilization
– The 2003 War in Iraq: A Turning Point
– Perspectives on the Arab Uprisings
– Perspectives on Daesh and the Foreign Terrorist Fighters

5 The Securitization of Islam, Muslim Expression over Foreign Policy
and Loyalty
– Securitization and Foreign Policy Issues in France
– Terrorism and Securitization of French Muslims: A Historical Background
– French Muslims’ Loyalty on Foreign Policy: A Non-issue?
– Securitization and Foreign Policy Issues in Great Britain
– Foreign Policy and Terrorism
– Monitoring British Muslims’ Loyalty or a Problematic Expression over Foreign Policy



To order the book, fill out the form here and email it to orders@gerlach-press.de.

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