Book review: Islam in international relations. Politics and paradigms

Alice Martini (2019) Islam in international relations. Politics and paradigms, Critical Studies on Terrorism, DOI: 10.1080/17539153.2019.1629726

The relationship between Islam and International Relations has always been a complicated one, but Islam and the Islamic “civilisation” have consistently been objects of interest for the discipline. Nevertheless, the role Islamic theoretical understandings of politics could have in IR is still understudied. Islam in International Relations is a series of works that addresses just this lack. Through it, the editors aim at diversifying the discipline from a specific post-colonial point of view, engaging with International Relations from an “Islamic” approach – broadly defined “as a history, a people, a religion, an intellectual tradition, and the like”. These collective works’ goal is to “offer an expanded and enriched IR that accounts for the diversity of worldviews and perspectives on world affairs”


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