Logo and Title Head

The Logo

The official logo of Co-IRIS

The (green) crescent moon usually symbolizes political (flags and emblems) and economical (coins) representations from pre-Islamic Arabia, Sassanid and Ottoman empires to contemporary Muslim-dominated nation-states. Its representation is commonly accompanied by a star, but we chose a blank circle with its latitude and longitude lines to represent the entire world (i.e. International Relations) sans geographical lines of continents and countries to avoid political misrepresentations.

About the Title Head

The official title head of Co-IRIS

The title head is a combination of the logo, dash, and letters ‘I R I S’. The logo connotes the letters (capital ‘C’ being the green crescent moon and small ‘o’ being the blank world) and it is joined by the dash to connect with letters (IR for International Relations in colored blue and IS for Islamic Studies in colored green). While other letters/words such as ‘Research Cohort’ are in colored grey. This title head is use in every correspondence (as letter head) and other communicative and marketing tools in representing the organization.

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