Co-IRISmates (Members)

As of 07 June 2014, we have 115 registered Co-IRISmates.
—We have a whopping 5,770 likes in our Facebook page.
—We have 288 twitter followers.
—We have 117 professional members in our LinkedIn group.
—We have 53 people who linked Islam and IR as one of their research interests at
—We have 31 followers in our Google+ but it has 7,827 views worldwide.
—We have 7 members in our ResearchGate group.
—We have 2 subscribers in our Youtube cahnnel.
—We have member in our Mendeley group.

A total of 6,269 followers + 115 registered members = 6,384 Co-IRISmates but we would argue that we have roughly 5,900 to 6,100 Co-IRISmates since most of them have similar accounts for facebook, twitter et al.

Thank you for your continued support and kind assistance. We appreciated them very much.
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