Submit your Book Proposals

We welcome book proposals in areas such as:
Islamic theories of international relations   •   Islam in International Relations theories   •   Islamic Studies and International Studies   •   Islamic Studies and Area Studies   •   Islamic approaches to world politics   •   Islam and foreign policy   •   Islam and diplomacy   •   Islam and geopolitics   •   Islam and Security Studies   •   Islam and post-colonial international relations   •   Islam and global development studies   •   Islam and international law   •   Islam and international political economy   •   Islam and international political sociology   •   Islam and human rights   •   Islam and international organizations

Please email your book proposals to and include carbon copies to,, and

All book proposals should include the following:
• The proposed title of the book.
• A description of the book (between 400 and 700 words) that explains its rationale, scope, significance to the series, its relations to competing works, and notable contribution to existing scholarship.
• A table of contents with chapter summaries.
• Estimated word length for the whole book, its proposed completion date, and description of its target readership.
• Optional: one or two sample chapters.
• Complete curriculum vitae of the author(s).

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